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Best Recycle Bin And Buying Guide

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Every year around the world, we generate millions of tons of trash. In many respects, this is inevitable, but the trend of recent times is to learn to recycle to search for a more sustainable world. Do and how to do it? A first measure, that is within the reach of all, is to have recycling bins. Do you have one in your home?

If you don't know what we're talking about, don't worry. You've come to the right place. The recycling bins every day a greater place in the homes of Spain due to a large awareness campaign about the trash that we generate. In the article that follows, we will deepen in detail on how these tools can help you in your daily life.

The most important thing

  • The recycling bins are containers, usually of plastic or metal, which not only stored junk, but that do so by designating it by its type. The most usual is that these containers have different compartments —marked with labels or colors— to indicate the type of waste for which they are intended.

  • The purpose of these cubes are to help a recycling optimal of all the trash generated. The divisions of the compartments serve to then throw the rubbish in the corresponding containers of the street. The cubes have different designs to accommodate different types of cuisine, and different systems for opening the covers.

  • If you are considering the purchase of recycling bins, there are certain buying criteria that you should take into account: the size, the amount of compartments, materials, manufacturing and design, among others.

The best recycling bins on the market: our recommendations

Each time we generate more waste, not recycled or half of them, and the industries and households are the main producers of waste. The recycling bins are the main tool to fight against these trends and for a fortune in the market deals abound. Take a look at this selection brings together the best available options.

  • The best recycling bin in the form of bags

  • The best recycling bins modular

  • The best recycling bins in the shape of a shoemaker

  • The recycling bins with larger capacity

1.Opret Bags Garbage Recycling

The bags of recycling Opret are the most sold on Amazon and are ideal to keep your garbage tidy and well classified. They are made with material PP (polypropylene), which makes them durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

This set of 3 bags comes in 3 different colors, suitable to collect glass, paper and plastic separately. The velcro makes installation and separate easily.

2.Bama-Poker - Set of 4 cube modular for the garbage can, 20 Litres

Bama Poker presents its 4 cubes modular recycling, that is to say, they are stacked one on another. They have a capacity of 20 liters and equipped with caps of color to classify the trash. Measure 40 cm long, 28 cm wide and 31 cm high.

This set is ideal for kitchens or spaces where there is only vertical space. They are made of plastic, does not generate odor, and are very light (3, 7 kg each).

3.Arregui Top CR621-B Garbage and Recycling

The brand Arregui offers a set of 4 recycling bins in a cabinet of 2 drawers, type cobbler. Manufactured in steel and painted white, each drawer of this piece of furniture is opened independently: the buckets are removable and have handles for easy cleaning.

This piece of furniture fits in well to the decor of any kitchen, home or office. Measures 97 cm high, 6 cm wide and 24 background.

4.TATAY Recycling Container for bottles and plastic:

If you're looking for cubes recycling of large capacity, the model of Tatay is for you. Has a 50 litre capacity and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Account with swing top and ventilation slots. Weighs only 2 kg

This cube comes in different colors to recycle properly: a blue (paper and cardboard), yellow (packaging), green (glass) and brown (organic matter).

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Buying guide: What you need to know about the recycling bins

Recycling is a responsibility of all. Thanks to the cubes, the task is now much more simple. However, not everyone knows how to extract the maximum profit from or how to choose models in function spaces. In the section that follows we will travel to some of the questions most common to have users on them. I read on!

The recycling bins are containers, usually of plastic or metal, which not only stored junk, but that do so by designating it by its type.

What exactly is a recycling bin?

A recycling bin is a container used for the deposit of rubbish discriminate. This means that it is not designed to store all of the waste that we generate, but only a certain type (for example, cardboard and paper), or several, but in different compartments. This greatly facilitates the task of recycling that is done later.

What materials are made of recycling bins?

As almost all the trash bins, the bin are made mostly of metal —stainless steel or aluminum, plastic or cardboard. Several feature a flip top lid to prevent unpleasant smells and some have foot pedals to open the lid when you step on it. In the interior of the trash bins are usually placed a bag for the waste.

What are the advantages of using recycling bins?

  • The recycling bins may seem obvious at this point, but not always admiring the many benefits and advantages they bring to the life of the home. Both in the areas of health, hygiene, order in the home and the care of the environment, these cubes do more than we can imagine:Help to keep the areas totally clean.

  • Keep the air pure, and improve our personal hygiene.

  • Create environmental awareness by allowing us to recycle easily and to let us know what types of waste we generate with greater frequency.

  • Help the order of the house sorting the trash into compartments or colors.

  • Contribute to a lower generation of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and, therefore, reduce the greenhouse effect.

  • To facilitate recycling, help to accumulate less waste in the soils and in the waters of rivers and seas. In this way, provide greater preservation of the natural habitat of many species.

  • Drive the saving of natural resources.

  • Generated positive consequences on the economy, because it encourages the organic market and create jobs.

How many recycling bins is recommended that you have at home?

  1. There is No perfect number of cubes to have at home, because each home is different and not all have the same spaces. The key is that, regardless of the amount, these products help us to classify the garbage and recycle. But if we are recommending a number, the ideal is to have four buckets or a big one with four compartments:A cube of blue recycling to dispose of the cardboard and the paper.

  2. A recycling bin yellow for the disposal of waste plastics and packaging.

  3. A recycling bin for green disposal of the glass.

  4. A recycling bin grey to locate the remains of food and organic waste.

Already with these four —who follow the nomenclature of colours that governed in Spain— is already sufficient for an efficient task of recycling. If you have space, you can opt for a recycling bin of two compartments: one for organic waste and another for the rest of the waste. Although it is not ideal, it serves as a temporary solution.

The best recycling bins, which include in its design the colors indicate in which container each type of waste.

What does it mean that the recycling bins contribute to the three “R”?

The three “R” s are a proposal of the non-governmental organization Greenpeace, which aims to combat the amount of waste and waste produced in homes around the world. The meaning of this name is due to three verbs: to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

This is the pillar to the changes of habits, patterns of current consumption.

The idea of Greenpeace is that taking small steps —such as using recycling bins to sort the garbage— we achieve among all a sustainable and responsible consumption that decreases the amount of waste that is disposed of from day to day. It is for this reason that many cubes already come with this slogan to create a greater awareness in the population.

Recycling is a responsibility of all.

What recommendations do you have that you follow for a good use of a recycling bin?

  • A good use of recycling bins derive a good care of personal hygiene and the home. In our homes is where we spend a lot of time and where we perform tasks that may generate waste of all kinds. We recommend that you follow a number of tips for getting the best out of your cubes:Located well the recycling bins: The bins can be placed both in the exterior and in the interior of the home, but the ideal thing is to have them in places where they generate greater quantities of waste as the kitchen and the bathroom. Also you should try to pass unnoticed, so that you can place it under the sink.

  • Make sure that the bins are securely closed: the lids of the buckets are essential. In the first place, because the accumulation of waste produces bad odors; in the second place, the waste can attract insects or rodents.

  • Do not exceed the capacity of the buckets: Each bucket of recycling indicates clearly labeled with its capacity. So that you can make a good use of it, you have to empty it even before it reaches its maximum cap so that it doesn't overflow. This will prevent you from appearing odors and insect or rodent.

  • Use bags appropriate: you do Not have why to be necessary to take out a one-to-one the recycling bins that have the street to pour its contents into the container. Be sure to put nylon bags resistant in its interior; this will help you to keep a clean bucket.

  • Clean buckets regularly: regardless of the material that is manufactured in your recycling bin, it's very important that you make a good maintenance. Both its interior and exterior are exposed to come into contact with the garbage. The ideal is to wash it weekly with water and disinfectant.

Purchase criteria:

Recycling has never been so needed, and so easy! Today, with the recycling bins suitable you can do a lot for the environment. And in addition, a vacuum cleaners help to keep your home clean and tidy. Fortunately, the variety of cubes in very large, but if you're struggling to choose the set adequate, you will be served the following list of criteria for purchasing more important.

  • Capacity and size

  • Design and spaces

  • Opening systems

  • Materials and weight

Capacity and size:

Before you purchase a recycling bin it is very important that you have an idea of the amount of waste produced in your home. If you have a large family, for example, you should look for the one that will offer the greatest possible capacity: over 30 liters. This will avoid you the hassle of emptying it more frequently and obviously guarantees a higher durability of the product.

Of course, the greater the capacity, the more space you need to place the cubes (especially if you want to have one for each type of waste). On the contrary, if you live alone or in couple, with recycling bins of 10 or 15 liters is sufficient. It is recommended that the bucket for organic waste is the smallest, since that is the one that generates the greatest odor.

A recycling bin is a container used for the deposit of rubbish discriminate.

Design and spaces:

Often, a recycling bin becomes a hindrance, since we do not consider your dimensions and the space available for your use. It is very important to take the time to measure the place where you want to place it. Luckily, today we can find different types of buckets to suit all kitchens:

  • If you have little space, but many drawers: use recycling bins for drawers.

  • If you only have vertical spaces: use recycling bins modular.

  • If you have a large kitchen and spacious: use cubes of traditional recycling.

  • If you have very little space: use recycling bins type cobbler.

Opening systems:

When choosing a recycling bin, you'll see that the closing systems of the lid are different. Today, the ideal is the one that works with a foot pedal. Try to get the models with this system, since it prevents that you bend to open or close the lid, and are usually of stainless steel, the more resistant material. In addition, it is a mechanism silent.

Materials and weight:

The material of a recycling bin can be a guarantee of quality. Avoids buying the cubes of cardboard or plastic that are not synthetic: they are difficult to clean and decay easily. Lean best for those manufactured with stainless steel: they are the most resistant, can be used in outdoor spaces and don't generate any type of odor.


The recycling bins are containers that store discriminadamente the rubbish that we generate on a daily basis: paper and cardboard, glass, plastics and organic waste. Thanks to them, we contribute to the tasks of recycling that are performed when we place the interior of these cubes in the appropriate containers, taking care of the environment.

There are different recycling bins that cater for all types of kitchens and spaces. The normal thing is to have four buckets, to store the various classes of waste, or with a large bucket that has four compartments. The best models are made of stainless steel, but you can also find good examples of PP or aluminum.

If you liked the article, leave us a comment and share it among your contacts so that others may know in depth everything there is to know about the recycling bins. Thank you very much!

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