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Best Water Purifier And Buying Guide

The water from the faucet does not always have the flavor that we would like to have. The alternatives, at such a juncture, are or opt for bottled water or buy a water purifier. Without doubt, this second alternative is more economic and more respectful with the environment. It is not surprising, therefore, his great popularity.

Today, the current water purifiers offer increasingly better benefits, and there are a great variety of products from which to choose. The most commonly used are the pitcher and which attach to the faucet. To choose the proper it is advisable to know main characteristics, as well as their functioning.

The most important things:

  • The water purifiers are an excellent choice to improve the taste and smell of the water that we drink. In addition, they are much more economical and more environmentally friendly than purchasing bottled water.

  • The types of water purifiers, most common are the faucet and the pitcher. There are other alternatives, such as distillers that offer a debug level much higher, while its price is also higher.

  • Face to buy a water purifier, the first thing you have to think about is what level of debugging you want. After, you have to choose which system suits you best and take into account the filters they use.

The best water purifiers on the market: our recommendations

Below, we offer you the complete and varied selection of water purifiers that we have prepared for you from the Reviewbox. In it, you can find the favorite choice of users online up to a water distiller for professional use. Of course, all of these products with a very good quality-price ratio.

  • The favorite choice of the users online

  • The best option for the faucet with Spanish technology

  • Maximum capacity in a combination of dispenser and water purifier

  • Water distiller, the bet for the maximum debug

1: AmazonBasics – Pitcher of filtered water (2.3 L) - Black

The jar AmazonBasics has a capacity of 2.3 litres to 1.4 litres of filtration capacity. Allows to reduce both the lime and the chlorine and other impurities, so it is especially suitable to filter the hard water.

It has a handy indicator electronic filter change. It is compatible with the cartridges of filters of AmazonBasics and BRITA MAXTRA. Fits on the shelves of the fridges. And their price is really economical.

The best option for the faucet with Spanish technology

2: TAPP Water TAPP 1

The purifier Water TAPP 1 is a true best-sellers thanks to their excellent features. Uses technology of active carbon to remove more than 70 types of contaminants, including heavy metals, chlorine and microplásticos.

Allows you to choose between filtered water or unfiltered. It is a product that ensures high durability, since each cartridge assures a life span of three months. And all of this in a product developed in Spain.

Maximum capacity in a combination of dispenser and water purifier

3: BRITA reservoir Flow

Purifier and water dispenser of one of the most popular brands. It has a capacity of 8.2 liters and 5.2 liters of filtered water. It is an ideal product both for home and office.

The innovative technology MicroFlow MAXTRA+ allows a better filtering of the water. The filters have a duration of four weeks. Anyway, it comes with an electronic system that alerts you when to change the filter.

Water distiller, the bet for the maximum debug

4: Moracle Water Distiller 4L Water Purifier 750 W

Purifier and water distiller, high quality and, yes, a price is also quite high than that of a simple purifier. It has a capacity of 4 liters and a performance of 1 liter/hour. It is an ideal equipment for professional applications. Known for having a very reduced energy consumption.

Account with a digital regulator of temperature and with a safety system that shuts down the computer when the temperature exceeds 160°.

Buying guide: What you need to know about water purifiers?

At the time of purchasing a water purifier, it is critical that you consider a number of important issues. Don't forget that there are different models of water purifier and not all offer the same level of debugging. Therefore, in this section we propose to clarify the main doubts that you may have.

Today, the current water purifiers offer increasingly better benefits, and there are a great variety of products from which to choose. (Source: Pablo Hidalgo: 79525185/

What exactly are the water purifiers?

The water purifiers are apparatus which use different systems to filter out salts and other dissolved substances in the tap water. In this way, in addition to significantly reduce its salinity makes the water taste more pleasant and eliminates the bad odors.


  • Are more economical than purchasing bottled water

  • They are more environmentally friendly than buying bottled water

  • They are very economical and easy to use

  • Allow you to filter the excess of lime, chlorine and other unwanted elements

  • With them the water has a taste more pleasant

  • Can remove bad smells from the water

  • Help you save space in the kitchen

  • Win in comfort, as they do not need to return to the shop loaded with bottles of water


  • Some may require installation

  • The jars of purification of water waste water

  • If you do not change the filters when applicable, worsen the water quality

What types of water purifiers are there?

Broadly, we can distinguish mainly two types of water purifiers based on the type of device: the faucet and the pitcher. The advantages of the first is that they occupy very little space and you get purified water instantly. The latter, for its part can be moved, so that you can take them with you, even when you travel.On the other hand, pitchers lose a certain amount of water. Some manufacturers speak of a ratio of a litre wasted for every gallon filtered. In any case, you can always reuse it for cleanup or other needs. Of course, there are other alternatives, such as distillers and water purifiers, electric water.

What are the advantages of the water purifiers with charcoal filters?

The charcoal filters are filters made of porous material of plant origin, with the capacity to absorb substances such as chlorine and a large variety of organic compounds. The enormous power of absorption of the active carbon is a result of their microscopic structure, thanks to which it presents a large ratio between its surface area and its volume.In this mode, the charcoal filters stand out by having a great power of absorption and to get the water to have a better taste and less odor. For this reason, today it is quite common to its employment as a supplement to improve the different systems of purification of water existing.

How to use a pitcher purifier water?

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that it is essential to change the filter with the frequency indicated by the manufacturer, otherwise their use is not only unable to not be beneficial, but can actually be harmful. On the other hand, it is important that you dispose of the water of the first uses of each filter. And, finally, always save the jar in the fridge.

They are particularly recommended if you live in a town in which the water presents levels of lime significantly high.

Purchase criteria:

If you want to acquire a water purifier, it is advisable that you consider a number of buying criteria. To make more bearable the process of choice, from is we have chosen, in our opinion, are the most important. In this way, you have at your disposal a simple buying guide.

  • Debug level

  • System

  • Capacity

  • Filters

  • Durability

Debug level

This is the first aspect and the most important thing that you should consider. Not all filtration systems provide the same results. Logically, the water jugs do not cease to be one of the options that are less ambitious in this regard. Something similar can be said of most of the faucet models.

Among these, one that ensures a good level of debugging is the Water TAPP 1, able to filter more than 70 different types of pollutants. An alternative for professional use are the distillers of water, which, as the Moracle, we have included in our selection of products, enable you to obtain distilled water. Yes, its price tends to be higher.

The water purifiers are apparatus which use different systems to filter out salts and other dissolved substances in the tap water.


Although the two major systems and most commonly used for water purification in the home are the faucet and the pitcher, the truth is that they are not the only ones. In addition, there are different variants of the same. As well, a very original option is the can filter of Dropson, which consists of a tin disposable and recyclable, which is installed in the faucet.

Its main advantages are its ease of use and portability. In addition, you can monitor with mobile. While it is not the only one that allows it, since the water purifier faucet TAPP 1 also provides that possibility. Another interesting system is that of the purifiers, electrical, as the Whirlpool, ideal for both home and the office.


Logically, the capacity of the jars of purification is lower than that of the systems from faucet. So models such as the AmazonBasics have a filtering capacity of 1.4 liters. Therefore, an interesting alternative for offices or gyms are the dispensers purifiers, such as the BRITA Flow, which has a capacity of up to 8.2 liters.

Broadly, we can distinguish mainly two types of water purifiers based on the type of device: the faucet and the pitcher.


In relation to the filters, you have to take into account the type of materials that are capable of filtering and its duration. Remember that the length of the filters is often expressed in different ways. These are the most common in litres, in months or in weeks. For guidance, a filter with a capacity of 1,500 litres can be sufficient for about three months.

Of course, you also have to ensure that you'll be able to find new filters when you need them. Don't forget that often what is cheap is expensive. It may happen that a purifier is very inexpensive and then you can't find spare parts for filters, with which lose all utility and ends up abandoned in a corner of the kitchen.


It is important that you choose a purifier that will give you a great level of durability. To do this, it is essential that the materials are of quality. Otherwise, you're going to have to replace it before the desirable and the economic investment that you make won't be as profitable as you would like. In that sense, our advice is that you review the manufacturer's warranty.


Drink a considerable amount of water for the day which, of course varies depending on the weight and age of the person, as well as the weather and other circumstances. However, the water that comes out of the faucet does not always have the best flavor. To solve this problem, the water purifiers are without a doubt one of the best solutions.

Choosing the right one involves consideration of issues such as the debug level offering, the purification system and the type of filters you use. The purifiers faucet allow you to have the purified water instantly, while the advantage of the jug is that you can take them anywhere.

Finally, if you consider that this guide has been useful to you in your process of choice, you can write a comment or share it with your friends via the various social networks.

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