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Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaner to Buy And Buying Guide

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Buy a vacuum cleaner it is a process that largely depends on your needs. There are many types of vacuum cleaners, among which are the modern robot vacuum cleaners, but it is important to assess well the characteristics of each and think of the use that we are going to give. In general, comfort is the criterion for star-for the vast majority of users, while an affordable price is probably the factor that will determine our purchase.

Therefore, our decision must be focused on a good quality-price ratio. If we learn to distinguish the different types of vacuum cleaners available on the market to date of 2020, we will be able to buy that vacuum cleaner that we make life at home a little easier. Don't miss our guide to the latest developments in the field of vacuum cleaners and cleaning robots.

Types of vacuum cleaners:

Although some models of vacuum could be said that is more outdated than others, what is certain is that each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Each user can be considered more or less useful to a type of vacuum cleaner according to your own needs and criteria.

To be able to make a well-informed decision, one must first be knowledgeable of the different types existing in the current market. In the following list we enumerate the most important:

  • A vacuum cleaner with or without a bag

  • Vacuum cleaner broom wireless or with cable

  • Robot vacuum cleaner

  • Vacuum water or high-pressure cleaner

  • Vacuum cleaners handheld

  • Vacuum cleaner steam

As we see, there are 6 main types of vacuum cleaners, each one of them with a series of features, as well as some pros and cons. It is worth mentioning that there are users that decide to incorporate two different types in your home, either because the function of one is not the substitute for the other, and vice versa.

1.Vacuum cleaner with the bag:

Basically, these are the vacuum cleaners of all life, the traditional ones that we are accustomed to seeing in almost all the houses. Its main feature is that they are formed by a tube of rigid connector whose diameter at the most is about 35 mm and about wheels that make it easy for you to get moving through the various nooks and crannies of our home.

The most common is that lead built-in a disposable bag or reusable where will be stored the filth that the vacuum cleaner goes taking his step. Normally, this type of vacuum cleaner is sold with several types of brush that can be added to the tube for the vacuum cleaner to better adapt to different types of surfaces. For its part, the tube tends to be long and extensible to be able to reach the less accessible areas.


  1. Reach any nook and cranny.

  2. Good power sucked.

  3. Large storage capacity.

  4. They work on all surfaces.


  1. Not with energy independence, since it requires a cable.

  2. When you empty the bag back part of the junk from the environment.

  3. They are heavy.

2.Vacuum cleaner without bag:

The main advantage of the canister vacuum cleaners with respect to the previous type is that we can forget about buying, empty, and replace bags. However, where ends the dirt collection? The answer is that this model of vacuum cleaner has a collection tank removable, which allows you to empty it and clean it after each use in a very simple way.

Many of these vacuum cleaners have multiple filters to separate the dust from the dirt, so that return the air cleaner to the environment. However, it is important to emphasize that, that these filters are maintained in good condition, as users we have to be very meticulous with the cleaning of these devices, which can be a discomfort for some.

Fortunately, today, the vacuum cleaners without bags using modern filtering technologies, such as technology, cyclonic multiciclónica. On the one hand, the cyclone is characterized by having a single cyclone large in the reservoir. In this way, is capable of dividing the particles of dirt small of the biggest. On the other hand, thanks to technology multiciclónica, the degree of filtration increases due to the presence of multiple cyclones of a smaller size.

In the image below, we see an example of a vacuum cleaner without a bag. This is the model Bosch BGC05AAA2 GS05 Cleann'n.

Within the family of vacuum cleaners without bags are included, to turn, the vacuum cleaners sledge, brooms electric cable and brooms cordless power, which we will cover in the upcoming sections.


  1. Filtered by layers which makes it more efficient

  2. No need to bag, saving and comfort

  3. Good results on hard surfaces

  4. Emptying system easy and simple for the user


  1. Dependence on the cable connection to work

  2. Tend to be noisier that other types of vacuum cleaner

3.Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners are the ultimate in vacuums and succeed due to their reduced size, autonomy, and intelligence. Best of all: they do all the work for us. Therefore, the comfort that it brings to the user is the main reason that they have become a flagship product in the homes.

We all know how is a robot vacuum cleaner: a round, disc-shaped, low height to get under the furniture and nooks and crannies of the home, drive wheels and sensor in the front so you can go in any direction. These features mean that you can get to places difficult to reach, such as under the sofa or beds.

When we say that robot vacuum cleaners are smart , we mean that they feature sensors that detect obstacles that appear in your path. Some of them even have a camera at the top along with the infrared sensors allow the robot to map the layout of your home and, thus, calculate the space to go in each room. These sensors are the reason that robot vacuum cleaners do not fall down, for example, by the stairs.

In summary, these are the main characteristics that enable them to carry out the cleaning process:

  • Have several brushes, and a suction device for directing the dust and dirt into the container designated for this purpose.

  • They are extremely effective because they have incorporated different brushes, each with a different function (e.g. the side brushes clean the edges of rooms or furniture).

Today, one of the most popular and best-selling is the Cecotec Robot Vacuum cleaner Conga 990 Vital for its multi-functions all-in-one: cleans, vacuums, sweeps, and passes the mop. In addition, unlike vacuum cleaners broom, whose autonomy reaches a maximum of 60 min, this lasts until 160 min. Includes remote control to manage comfortably.


  1. Autonomy, with ability to go to your base to recharge by themselves

  2. Do all the work for us

  3. Reduced size to reach areas not readily accessible

  4. Design aesthetically pleasing

  5. High energy efficiency and, therefore, low power consumption

  6. Easy to program and use


  1. More expensive than any other type of vacuum cleaner

  2. Require regular maintenance (cleaning the brushes, changing filters, emptying the tank.)

  3. Do not reach to all parts of the home (e.g. stairs)

4.Vacuum cleaner water

The vacuum cleaners of water, also known as high pressure, are, in reality, a small evolution of the vacuum cleaners traditional: they have a vacuum system that captures the powder and collected it in a tank. The only difference is that they contain water, which serves to filter the dirt and leave it trapped in the reservoir with greater effectiveness. Thus, the air given off by the vacuum cleaner is cleaner.

One of the disadvantages of the vacuum-sled traditional is that, when you empty the bucket or bag, always escapes, a percentage of dust collected. However, the vacuum cleaners of water eliminated this problem because the dirt is trapped in the water, in a manner that prevents the spread through the air.

The vacuum cleaners of water are useful, especially if at home we have pets since they collect hairs and other particles in a very efficient manner. As a counterpart, we must be very careful with the cleaning of the tank so that the air, detached from our vacuum cleaner comes out free of impurities. This process can be tedious, because, sometimes, it is necessary to use a sieve or filter to separate the waste.

In the field of vacuum cleaners of water, we again make mention of the brand Cecotec for the unbeatable price with which he presented his model Conga Wet&Dry for only 52 €. This is an excellent quality/price ratio if you compare it with other models of brands like Rowenta or Kärcher, whose prices hover around 85-150 €.


  1. Better filtering thanks to the water tank

  2. Ideal for homes with pet

  3. Air cleaner


  1. Require a more rigorous maintenance

  2. Rely on a cord to operate

5.Vacuum cleaners handheld

The main advantage of this type of vacuum cleaner is that they are very manageable and easy to transport due to their small size. As a counterpart, we can say that they have certain limitations, since they only reach certain spaces that we reach with the arm. Can suck both dust-dry and wet, and even the more advanced models can reach up liquids.

The main criteria to consider when choosing what vacuum cleaner hand buy is the duration of the battery and, therefore, the autonomy of the same. Thus, it is important to assess aspects such as the time it takes to recharge, the material of which it is made, and its autonomy.

A very good option for its quality and price is the model URAQT 120W that we show in the following image. Why we recommend it? Below its main features:

  • Is wireless

  • Quick charge by USB

  • Sucks on dry and wet surfaces

  • Capacity of 0.6 l

  • It is very lightweight: weighs only 0,72 kg

  • Their actions are 35,89 x 13,99 x 11,99 cm


  1. Manageable and easy to transport

  2. To suck the dust dry and wet

  3. Some come to pick up liquids

  4. Are wireless


  1. Short duration of the battery (between 10 and 30 min)

  2. Get to where we get by stretching the arm

6.Steam Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners steam cleaners steam vacuum have two main features:

  • Dissolve the dirt

  • Neutralize unpleasant odors

For this reason, the vacuum cleaners of steam is not only used to clean the home, but for the disinfection of the same.

They work by firing a jet of steam at high pressure on those surfaces that we clean, so that will remove the dirt embedded. So, in addition to cleaning, vacuum cleaners steam desengrasan and desodorizan. Another great advantage of this type of vacuum cleaner is that they can reach the most hidden corners inaccessible, as for example the curtains, or radiators.

In addition, there are two models of cleaning with steam: the dry steam and wet steam. In this latter type, which can be considered a cousin of the vacuum cleaners of water, the water can become hot but do not boil, or, on the contrary, the water can reach a high temperature that allow even the removal of bacteria and mold.

A highly recommended option both for its price as for its benefits it is the Polti Vaporetto SV440. For a price below 100€ we found a vacuum cleaner of steam capable of removing up to 99.9% of viruses, germs and bacteria. It also incorporates a filter anti-limescale allows you to use tap water, and the novel brush Vaporforce, which allows you to cover a larger work surface. The best part: it takes only 15 seconds to warm up.


  1. Deep cleaning

  2. Clean, disinfect, desodorizan and desengrasan

  3. Are wireless


  1. Can leave moisture on the surfaces, which forces them to dry after cleaning

  2. Operation slow to heat up the water

  3. Need to change the tank frequently


As we see, there is a wide range of options to suck up our home in an efficient manner. The final decision will depend on several factors, namely:

  • Budget available

  • Purpose (what use you expect to give?)

  • Comfort for the user

  • Type of soil, surfaces, etc that we have in our home

  • If you have pets or not

  • Power expected

It is important to assess the quality-price ratio before you buy to choose the best vacuum, that is to say, the one that best suits our needs and personal circumstances.

The average life of a vacuum cleaner of good quality is around 8 years old, a figure that can be reduced in grades lower. Therefore, when it comes to incorporate an appliance of these features to our home, it is worth investing a little in quality.

Finally, we must bear in mind that their power does not exceed 1600 watts and who has the energy labelling. Look at these data is crucial, since the more watts you consume, the greater will be the impact on our invoice.

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